Advantages of Inkjet and Laser printers

Ink Printers Are More Affordable

The inkjet printers are competitively inexpensive to laser printers because the technology needed to create the image is much simpler than a laser printer.

For home use, inkjet printers can sufficiently get the more simple and lower-volume jobs done. But, it also means that inkjets cannot do complex jobs without the chance of running into problems.

On another note, ink printers are not usually designed to be serviced or have the parts replaced apart from consumable supplies such as ink and paper. Therefore the cheaper cost. But, manufacturers look to sell more replacement ink at high prices to make a profit in the long run.

The first most common reason of failure in the inkjet printers is ink related. Hence, it occurs when the liquid ink gets dried up in the nozzle and plugs them. The second most common cause is due to the plastic parts within the paper’s path. When they break,it is convenient to throw the entire printer out rather than trying to find a way to repair it.


Advantages of Laser Printers

Many large organizations use the laser printers because they are built for large scale use. This means that they’re built to function with the rigors of a harder business environment and do not readily require printer service.

Laser printers are definitely repairable. Moreover, the ink cannot plug up because it is a dry powder. Also, they can support multiple users and could last up to a million pages in the printer’s lifetime.

But most importantly, the toner’s yield of a laser printer is way greater than that of an ink cartridge. A typical ink cartridge in an inkjet printer could yield 250 to 300 pages varying on the color density of the prints. Compared to this, the yield of a common toner cartridge in a laser printer ranges between 2,500 and 3,000 pages. Moreover, some larger laser printers have toners that could yield up to 30,000 pages!

Next point is that modern printers are easy to hack. Hence, they can be used as an easy entry point to infiltrate a business network. Large laser printers come with advanced network security protocols that prevent exposing sensitive data and network access. Smaller printers and inkjet printers don’t have these special capabilities.


Here are some more advantages of laser printers in a point wide format:


  • The cost per page turns out to be less expensive than ink printers
  • They are durable and repairable by many printer repair
  • They can be embedded with security protocols in order to protect sensitive data from being exploited by hackers.
  • The page yield per toner cartridge is thousand times higher than ink cartridges.
  • One laser printer can support a big group of users. This cuts the need for many small printers and the cost of ink replacement.
  • Disposable inkjet printers create e-waste, harming the environment. Laser printers last long and can be repaired.
  • Solutions can be installed to reduce badly printed pages and save paper on discarded prints.


The summary is that for large businesses,  laser printers are much more reliable, very efficient, easy to manage, and most importantly, they ultimately save you money in the long run.


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