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Cartridge and Toner Refilling

At Ztech Solutions, we believe in the philosophy that cartridges and toners need not be exorbitantly priced. Simply put, printing is expensive but your replacement printer and toner cartridges don’t have to be.

We at Ztech Solutions provide top-notch Cartridge Refilling and Toner Refilling in Mumbai and can help save you a massive chunk of the price of the equivalent OEM brand cartridges.

Simply keep your empty toner or printer cartridge ready and our diligent Service Center executive will arrive at your doorstep and have it picked up. We will have it refilled, tested and delivered within no time to ensure complete peace of mind.

We have eliminated the need for you to buy expensive OEM cartridges and you can avail of massive savings without compromising quality.

With our optimum fill process, all you need to do is get your empty cartridge along and you will get excellent quality for far less than buying a new cartridge.

We maintain rigorous standards and undertake complete inspection, manual and electronic, and flush out the old ink to remove any traces of it. Post flushing, we fill up the cartridge and test to ensure compliance, before handing it over to you.

Moreover, our high-quality inks exude OEM quality and will work seamlessly with all major printer brands such as Samsung, Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, Dell, or Lexmark and guaranteed to produce the same high-quality, super resolution documents and prints that look just as good as prints from a new cartridge.

Our toner and printer inks are held to the most rigorous quality standards in the industry, meeting the equivalent OEM brand’s print quality and page yield performance.

Our high-quality inks together with our automated precision filling system are designed to produce consistent results each and every time your cartridges are refilled.

Only high-quality materials and the latest technologies are used by the experienced and knowledgeable technicians to ensure that your printer or toner cartridge looks and performs like a new cartridge while conforming to the OEM’s specifications.

At Ztech Solutions, our technicians ensure your refilling service is executed at the lowest costs and the best prices. Additionally, we ensure it’s done swiftly to ensure little interruption in your daily life as possible.

By using our ink refill service, you help keep reusable, non-biodegradable materials out of landfills which helps in reducing e-waste, recycling and conserving natural resources.

We Work With Leading Brands

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