Common Paper problems in a printer and some solutions

From incorrect paper size to technical faults, find simple solutions to everyday printer problems.

Imagine an infuriating printer jam problem. When you look to print out a big project or some urgent document, press the button and the paper gets stuck somewhere within the machine. But instead of getting angry and hitting the printer, keep your calm since most paper jams can get fixed.

Step one is to check your printer screen. Once the problem is detected by the printer, many printers should provide clear, on-screen instructions helping users on how to clear the jam. A graphic is shown sometimes as to where the paper is jamming and guided in safe removal.

If the screen does not give any helping instructions, it’s time to try our easy troubleshooting tips before calling a printer repair centre in Mumbai:

Factor #1: Bad, Old, or Warped Paper

With the current pandemic, many organizations have given employees the work from home option for a long time. With the offices remaining mostly closed, it’s possible that some paper has been sitting in the printer trays for quite a while, and such old paper can create a printer jam.

Sometimes, the paper absorbs and loses moisture causing it to warp, or not lie perfectly flat. This could create some print quality issues. This is something to consider while using a printer/paper that hasn’t been used for a while.

Solution For This Printer Jam: Mostly replacing the old paper with a fresh stack of new paper before inserting in the printer should help. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then something else is likely the reason.

Factor #2: Page Got Stuck Inside the Printer

For different reasons, even perfectly fine sheets of paper may get stuck somewhere inside the printer. Getting the paper out might feel like a big deal that requires a call to the HP authorised service centre, but it’s usually a simple fix that even less experienced people might be able to handle.

Solution For This Printer Jam: If you know the printer parts, then the first step is to take the toner out to open the printer access doors.

Once opened, it helps to view the different areas of the printer where the paper might be lodged. Sometimes pages get stuck on the path through the machine because of improper lining up with the various mechanisms. Pull out the paper slowly in the direction of the entry, and not the exit.

If nothing is found even after looking inside and the printer is still jamming, it might be a bit of #3.

Factor #3: Incorrect Paper Size Issue

Printers are extremely specific about paper size. It can get jammed even if a page is less than a millimeter different from the device specs. In many brands, an on-screen message appears as soon as this occurs, alerting of the problem. And then it should guide through how to fix the issue.

Solution For This Printer Jam: First need is to find out what paper size the printer is set to print. If you confirm that you have inserted the wrong paper, then carefully pull out the jamming paper, use the correct size and print again.

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