Complete Guide To HP Home Office Printer Ranges

The pandemic is not leaving us. It forced us to work from home for the past 2 years, along with online education. With normalcy still nowhere in sight, the burden of online facilitators like laptops, tablets, bigger internet recharge and printers is still ongoing.  Printers are becoming a need more than a want, owing to the demands of test paper prints, project prints, work related prints, etc. Taking prints outdoors is both-a risky and an expensive affair. But by investing in a good HP home printer, one can save on long term expenses. HP printers are strong, reliable, and show rare breakdowns which require HP printer repair and service near you. Today, compiled below is a list of HP home office printer ranges.


HP DeskJet Printer

The key features of this printer series is compact designing, versatility, affordable pricing and durability. This section talks about a single function printer, meaning the basic printer doing only the printing job, but with great efficiency. If you like this ink printer from HP but are looking for more features, then you can go for the multi-functional HP DeskJet all-in-one printers, to copy and scan along with printing. Moreover, the HP smart app feature helps in seamless mobile or remote printing. And lastly, the compact design is ideal for a home office scenario, taking up very little of the precious home space.

HP OfficeJet printer

For a low print volume, the DeskJet black and white or colour printer series is ideal, but for a slightly higher print volume, this printer could end up with printer repair service in Andheri West requirements. Hence, HP OfficeJet printer family is recommended.

The all-in-one printers in this series are not only perfect for business use, they also have some impressive features for personal benefits. As the price range and model range goes higher, the basic roles of print, scan and copy in both black and white and colour are accentuated by other features like fax, borderless printing, USB memory stick slots, more software compatibility, etc.

HP Tango Printers

If you are looking for an advanced range of printers with sleek designing and crisp features, this family is just for you! HP Tango printers is a new line of voice-compatible smart printers from HP, ideally designed for the home setting. The key features are multifunction printing, high resolution photo printing, cloud connectivity, WiFi network connection, seamless printing, mobile printing, amongst others.

HP Sprocket photo printers

Printers are also solely used for printing photos, by the amatuer and professional photographers alike. HP brings the HP Sprocket photo printers for such enthusiasts. These printers are not only loaded with tons of features, they are remarkably pocket friendly. Moreover, the 2nd edition of the HP Sprocket photo printer has new exterior design options and the multi user printing feature via multiple smartphones.

Thanks to the HP prototype zero-ink technology, the HP Sprocket line has a range of mobile photo printers, ideal for parties and scrapbooking with features like editing the photos before printing with the free HP Sprocket app.

The HP Sprocket plus series is a portable printer letting you print photos 30% times bigger than HP Sprocket design. And the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera printer combines a digital camera with HP Sprocket’s zero-ink print system. So choose your ideal printer and enjoy!

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