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HP printers are packed for a powerful performance. They are durable with a long shelf life, therefore you get more performance and lower service hassles in the long run. Since HP has a range of printers under its belt, it seems a mighty task to decode all their features to understand which one falls into your needs. Therefore, HP has divided the printers into 2- Home and Office printers. So, with a clear purpose for your printer, the budget may be the deciding factor. The reason being that the features often increase with increase in the price of the printer. But the need for HP printer repair tends to be the same, which is significantly lesser than many other brands.


If on a small budget but looking for a printer with a fax too, HP does not manufacture those. But if your budget is bigger, then you get a choice on the features that are suitable for your needs.

Today, this article talks about 2 printers from the HP India Ink series. The features and the product specifications are described for better comparison. All details have been referred to, from the official Indian HP store website.

HP DeskJet 2723 All-In-One Printer

HP sells this printer in the Home category. So, it is made for the basic tasks that a printer at home or a small home office would be useful for. This printer is the least expensive colour printer on their website under the ink series.



Since it is an all-in-one printer, it can print, scan and copy. It has an ICON LCD display, it is lightweight plus has Wi.Fi connectivity enabled.

Print time- ~ 15 sec for b/w and 19 sec for colour

Print volume – ~1000 pages a month

Print speed- up to 7.5 ppm B/W and up to 5.5 ppm colour

Paper type- Plain, photo paper and brochure paper in A4, B5, A6 and DL sizes


Few Limitations- It cannot send documents via email or cloud. Next, this printer is without external memory slots and internal memory is lesser when compared to the higher range of HP printers. Lastly, it cannot automatically feed papers for printing


HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2776 All-in-One Printer

The Deskjet series comes with a  number of models. These differ slightly, like the type of ink utilisation, printer repair service in Andheri East, and other specifications.



Since its an all-in-one printer, it is good to print, scan and copy. This slightly advanced model supports wireless printing, automatic paper sensing and both sided printing.

This printer comes with SELF HEALING WIFI. Other good features are bluetooth connectivity, mobile scanning feature and instant cloud service.

Print time- around 18 sec for b/w and 21 sec for colour

Print vol- ~1000 pages a month

Print speed- up to 10 ppm B/W and up to 7 ppm colour

Paper type- Plain, matte photo paper band brochure paper in various types in A4, B5, A5 and DL sizes

Control panel- Smart contextual user interface.



Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz operations only. A mobile HP app, either HP ePrint or HP Smart needs to be installed for printing. Mobile devices need to be within 5 feet of the printer to take orders.

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