HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Setup Procedure

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is a mean machine that can scan, fax and print. The following setup instructions will guide you on how to load the papers, install the ink cartridges, install software and driver, and others. By following the steps correctly, one can avoid calling the customer service provider or HP authorised service centre for setup.



Unboxing HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Printer

First step in unpacking is to remove all the securing packing materials and tape both from outside and inside the printer. Double check the insides for any left over tape.

Now, placing the printer at a place with a smooth and flat surface away from static disturbances is important.

The next step is to source power supply. Do not plug the printer in a very low watt plug. Also check for a good power supply or need for UPS. Connect one end of the power cord into the plug and another end to the printer slot.

Only after you are sure that the power cord connection is correct, turn ON the printer

One can set the date, time, and language of the printer from the printer control panel.

Install Ink Cartridges in HP Officejet Pro 8025 Printer

After the unpacking stage comes the installation process. And firstly, one needs to install the ink cartridges.

Follow a YouTube tutorial in case of any doubts while setting up the cartridges because if the ink cartridges are mishandled it may cause printer failure. And then arises the need to contact a printer repair personnel at such an early stage.

Paper loading onto The Input Tray

HP OfficeJet Pro has a manual paper input method. Therefore, after successfully installing the ink cartridges, it is necessary to learn this step correctly to avoid paper jams. So, follow the given steps for loading the paper:

This OfficeJet series prints perfectly on two sizes of paper. But for a good print, A4 size plain white sheet is recommended.

For loading the A4 papers on the printer, open the input tray to pull out the tray extender

Before placing the papers on to the input tray, it is important to adjust the paper width slider.

With the help of this slider, carefully load the paper in the input tray. Then slide until it reaches the bottom of the input tray. Once the slider and tray are in place, an automated printer alignment paper will be printed

Installation of The Printer Software For HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

This is the last step in the setup process. Before starting the printer use, it is suggested that the printer has the latest updated printer software and driver.

Visit any official HP store website from where it is available to download the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 printer driver and software

To look for the correct information, type the printer model number in the search bar. A list of available printer drivers and software would be displayed. Simply choose the correct printer and download the driver for it.

In case of any issues during the setup of HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 printer, contact authorised customer support and service providers only.

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