HP Officejet Pro X Series printer service centre in Andheri West, Mumbai

HP PageWide Technology regularly tests the performance of all the 42,240 nozzles on the print head for maintaining dependable print quality. This automatic process helps to find nozzles that are not performing within the given specifications, and also checks the nozzles frequently so as to catch and correct any failures that may reduce print quality.


HP Officejet Pro X Series printers make use of optical sensors to calibrate the print head and to measure nozzle performance. These sensors are placed on a small carriage that scans across the paper and the print head. A paper sensor is required to scan printed diagnostic test patterns, and the writing system controller uses this information to eliminate the problems that could produce visible print artifacts, say the experts at HP authorised service centre in Andheri West.


This sensor is also used to trace the edge of the sheet as it moves into the print zone. A print head sensor, designed exclusively for HP Officejet Pro X Series printers, measures individual drops in flight. As part of this system, it helps to provide robust print quality by substituting good nozzles with those that do not meet operating specifications.

The Paper’s Path is One Quick and Controlled Pass


To compete with color laser printers in small work setup, HP Officejet Pro X Series printers need to have a compact, reliable paper transport that could produce fast, face-down, correct-order output with built-in duplexing. Therefore, HP designed a new paper transport that met the needs of page-wide array printing. A single sheet of paper moves from right to left.


A sheet printed on one side that is also known as simplex, moves up against the left door guide, crosses the writing system assembly, and exits face down to the output bin. A duplex-printed sheet, on the contrary, moves up against the left door guide, then reverses and passes under the duplexing unit, following the same path taken by sheets coming out from the multipurpose tray. This design successfully integrates duplexing and multipurpose tray functionality into the paper path.

The Officejet Pro X Series paper transport indigenously stabilizes and constrains the sheet through the printer, right from pick to the drop. It delivers reliable paper pick, low jam rates, and accurately continuous movement of the paper in the paper print zone. Sheets are transported without the smearing of ink.


The HP Officejet Pro X Series paper transport adds a number of innovations that enable cost-effective and precise paper motion control. Some of them are:

  • A gear train including a precision-matched pitch diameters
  • low-cost bearings
  • Precision platen alignment and positioning system
  • Servo-controlled overdrive of all the specific rollers
  • Precision roller diameters specifications
  • Star wheels designing
  • Drive shaft biasing to reduce backlash

Users come to the printer repair centres in Mumbai with low rates of pick and jam failures from HP LaserJet solutions.

Closing lines

HP PageWide Technology Exceptional features include a page-wide printhead with a nozzle density of 1,200 per inch, controlled ink-paper interactions using HP pigment inks, precision paper motion control, automatic nozzle performance measurement, active and passive nozzle substitution, and automated printhead service routines.


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