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There are a number of things to know about the HP printers, from misinformation about inkjet printers to HP’s environment friendly benefits and the benefits of their Jet Intelligence technology. Let us look at everything needed to know about the HP printers.

Inkjet Printers

What are the few points that come to the mind when thinking of inkjet printers? Unreliable, inferior ink quality, higher long term costs, etc. There are lots of false accusations surrounding inkjet printers and today some of them will be cleared, with the help of printer services on rent in Mumbai.

HP manufacturers are extremely passionate about their wide range of inkjet printers in the market, with the well kept promise of delivering in the following four key areas: Reliability, Quality, Value for Money and Environmental Leadership.

Recently, HP has put a totally new technology on regular ink, thus producing new, innovatively-designed cartridges that are better than the other brands. It is not anymore that 40% of the ink cartridge was unusable. Nowadays, the fantastic new cartridges from HP guarantees ultimate efficiency, coming with a reliability rate of more than 95%.

However, in order to get the projected level of quality, it is necessary to use genuine HP cartridges, and stay away from the cheap alternatives. Most customers don’t consider the hidden costs that the cheap products impart.

To explain, the visible cost is what you actually pay when you are buying an ink cartridge. Basically the physical cost of the cartridge.

Next come the hidden costs. The hidden costs refer to the costs that you end up paying after buying the cheaper alternative. Mentioned below are a few of the hidden costs that you might incur:


Paper waste

time wastage

Reliability issues

Reprinting costs

Reduced printer life

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Toner issues

Let’s compare the side effects of cheaper cartridges with the many benefits from HP inkjet printers and how they can help to enhance the print setup:

High print quality every time

Highest quality materials used

Print speeds of up to 75 ppm

Eco-friendly recycling system for a greener workplace and environment sustainability.

Shares technology with the HP laser machines

Up to 95% reliability rate

Reduced wastage and repair costs

HP inkjet printers are great machines that you can count on time and again. These machines offer excellent value for money, high-quality output, reduced energy consumption and others.



Planet Partner

HP are not just passionate about customer friendly costing, they are also keen on the green planet, hence they have launched their own recycling campaign called the ‘Planet Partner’.

This closed loop recycling system guarantees that 0% of your ink cartridge packaging goes to land fill – each and every fragment of material is transformed into something else, whether it be a brand new ink cartridge container or even a pen. HP are committed to operating an environmentally friendly system that really works, and the Planet Partner campaign does exactly that.

Jet Intelligence

HP’s JetIntelligence is known for 53% reduced energy consumption, 40% faster printing speeds and 33% more pages when compared to other leading competitors. And for added security, the toner’s in this technology boast of a ‘smart chip’ – HP’s authentic anti-fraud and print gauge technology.


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