Inktank Vs Ink Cartridge – Know The Difference

Inkjet printers come with two options for carrying ink, an ink tank and an ink cartridge. HP ink series printers also come with these two options. In order to help you decide which type is more suited for your needs, this blog will illustrate the difference as well as the possible positives and negatives of both the variations.

Ink cartridge description-

Ink cartridges are the most common model in HP ink series. Here, the ink containers come with an inbuilt print head. Thes cartridges are like m small boxes of liquid ink. These boxes are created separately and inserted later within the printer for printing. Some HP printers may require a single cartridge with black, magenta, yellow, and cyan coloured ink, while others may require separate cartridges. Moreover, once a cartridge runs out of ink, it is mostly replaced and rarely refilled.

Ink tank description –

Ink tanks means that they are devoid of inbuilt print heads. Hence, they come with individual colour tanks for the 3-4 colours along with a black ink tank. Moreover, these tanks can be refilled from an ink bottle. This ink is supplied directly to the printer with the help of an integrated ink system. Therefore, such printers with ink tanks are also known as ‘continuous ink tank printers’. Since the ink tank is in continuous ink supply, there are less drying up issues and hence lesser visits to Printer repair and service centres in Mumbai.



Ink Tank Positive and Negative characteristics

*Over time, using ink tanks for printing comes to cheaper printing costs when compared to using ink cartridges.

*The ink is delivered to the printhead with the aid of a tube that is airtight, making it more difficult for the ink to dry up while not in use.

*Refilling ink tanks is a little cumbersome and some practice is needed to master the art.

*A printer with an ink tank tends to be more expensive than a printer with an ink cartridge. But when looking at the long run, investing in a printer with ink tanks could end up costing you less.


Ink cartridge Positive and Negative characteristics

*Ink cartridge printers are generally cheaper than the ink tank printers.

*The replacement process is pretty straightforward for most HP printers. Users can also try the cost-effective option of refilling a cartridge.

*While these cost less initially, the printing costs tend to become higher than their ink tank counterparts.

*Replacing printer cartridges can also be pricey and difficult initially if doing it at home without the help of any HP authorised printer repair centre in Andheri West.

*The main downside to ink cartridges is that the ink usually dries out when not in use regularly.


HP printer with Ink Cartridge example –

HP ENVY Photo 7822

2.65-inch touchscreen display, mobile printing with Wireless direct Printing, HP ePrint, and Apple AirPrint.

Print colour pages up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi.

Automatic duplex printing.

Two ink cartridges: one black, and one tri-colour (cyan, magenta, and yellow).

HP Printer with Ink tank example

HP Smart Tank 500 all – in – one


Low-cost, high-volume printing – up to 8000 color pages or up to 6000 black pages.

Easily monitor and maintain ink levels with an integrated tank design and an automatic ink sensor.

Print speed up to 11 ppm (black) and 5 ppm (color)



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