Simple Fixes for basic HP printer problems – Part 1

HP printers are a long standing brand in the printing industry. They make quality printers which give very few troubles over the years. That means their maintenance costs are lesser than other brands. But still, being a machine, it is bound to show some problems now and then. And some of them are simple problems which can be fixed with simple solutions. They may not require the intervention of a HP printer service or repair agency. In this first blog of a two blog series, we are focusing on some such troubles and aim to provide some workable scenarios to fix them. Read on.

Paper jam

This is one of the most popular complaints. A printer can jam on a paper because:

*the printer may be dirty,

*the wrong type of paper was put, like A3 when the printer is only compatible with A4, or

*the printer rollers are not working properly.

Therefore, one must routinely clean the printer, have thorough knowledge of the paper type it supports and regularly check for roller damage.

A 50.4 error message

A 50.4 error message may be seen on certain newer HP LaserJet printers. This error is mostly an indicator of a faulty power supply. If the printer is connected to a UPS, try to disconnect/reconnect it. Otherwise, disconnecting from a power strip and plugging directly into a wall outlet could also be tried. Please note that a laser printer should NEVER be plugged into a UPS. This is because the UPS can be damaged by power surges required to keep the fuser assembly warm.



Sometimes, a small and light copy of an image is printed along with the complete image on the same page. This is referred to as the ghost of the image. Ghosting could be because of

*A faulty power supply, or

*Certain power parts like a drum or the imaging kit have run their course.


Ghosting, if caused by the above reasons, can be corrected by changing the socket of the printer to another power source, and replacing the damaged or worn out part. For replacement, an authorised HP printer repair service in Mumbai could identify the right part, and will not spoil your printer.


A faded print image

This problem could arise if

*The toner is running low

*The print density is set on low, or

*Economode printing is turned on.

The above problems arise depending on the make and model of the printer. Nevertheless, the current settings can be checked by a printer self-test. Next, turning off the Economode and /or setting the density higher than the existing one may resolve the issues. For the first problem, replace the cartridge at the earliest.

The print gets erased upon touching

Now, this problem may be caused by

*A defective toner cartridge,

*Spilled ink on the printer, or

*A damaged /worn out fuser assembly.

One can identify the cause of this problem only by opening up the printer. Please do not attempt this if you do not know which part belongs where. An expert can easily identify the problem. Replacing the empty or faulty cartridge and cleaning the spoiled ink may resolve the issue. If the fuser requires replacing, it is suggested to buy a new printer instead of replacement.

If the problem you are looking for is not in this blog, it may be present in the second part of this blog series.

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