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HP laser printers are seriously easy to operate and are manufactured with a wide range of specs. Find out about the top selling HP laser printer, in the A3 model.

The HP printer range, for homes and businesses is renowned for great performance in the fields of print quality, robustness, reliability, durability and versatility. The HP business printers come with a number of solutions specially tailored to many printing needs. They are divided into laser printers, inkjet printers, A3 and A4 printers and multifunction printers. HP printers can be taken from printer rental services to try out before buying. In today’s article, find out about the laser printer range and three names of A3 printers.

The HP A3 Laser Printers

The HP A3 Laser printers are typically useful for businesses that need to print in an A3 format. Though it does not have many household customers, it is appreciated by companies. This is because A3 printers are good for printing graphs, charts and other documents with higher detailing and an enhanced readability. For example, an Excel workbook with a graph prints better in an A3 format avoiding the piecemeal cut up printouts.

As with HP A4 laser printers, HP A3 Laser printers have access to multiple functions. But the needs depend on your industry or the business activities of a company. HP A3 laser printers belong to the same series of the HP A4 laser printers. The LaserJet series is the series producing both the printers with the same HP certified quality. So here are the three HP A3 laser printers that we have selected and that can easily be repaired at HP printer service centre, if need arises.

The Top Three HP A3 Laser Printers

Listed below are the best laser printers that HP has to offer.

  1. The HP LASERJET ENTERPRISE 700 MFP M725DN laser printer

This HP printer has only black and white laser printing feature. So if that’s what you want, then this offers a print in an A3 format with a quite economical cost of ownership.


*It has a Touchscreen interface

*Has black and white + Colour =Duplex printing

*Remote Connectivity using USB, RJ45, Wi-Fi, AirPrint.

  1. The HP COLOR LASERJET CP 5225 DN laser colour printer

This HP A3 laser printer falls under the compact range. Apart from that, it lets you print in colour. Also, it has a good printing resolution.


*Connectivity- USB, RJ-45 network.

*Print speed- ~20 pages per minute.

*Printing resolution- 600dpi x 600dpi.

*First page comes out in ~16 seconds.


  1. The HP COLOR LASERJET ENTERPRISE M750N laser colour printer

This HP laser printer is designed for larger businesses. But it is also suitable for smaller workgroups. Therefore it can be used by firms with a printing average of about 13,000 pages per month.


*Connectivity- USB, RJ-45 network, USB input.

*Print speed- Around 30 pages per minute.

*Printing resolution- 600dpi x 600dpi.

*First page comes out in about 10 seconds.


So choose an HP A3 printer based on your printing needs, like volume and colour requirement. And if still not sure, it is best to buy a multifunction Duplex printer.

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